Special height Titan DT

Worldwide Industrial Solutions Company


Customer was launching a new line to test air quality and was looking for an enclosure that could hold all of their electronics, provide a significant amount of heat dissipation and allow for the mounting of a touch screen and keyboard.



AMCO designed a special height Titan DT enclosure with a special curved top for aesthetic purposes. The curved top holds the touch screen display which has hinges and handles built into it to allow easy access to the display. In front of the curved top is an area for a keyboard. AMCO also designed a custom door with the bottom section perforated to bring air in and the top section made of polycarbonate so the end user can see the components in this area but there is extra security for them. To achieve the desired airflow through the cabinet there are three 4” fans mounted in the rear of the top, curved section which remove the hot air.