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ICR-1500 3 sequence power

Sequenced Power

ICR-1500 3 Sequence 15 amp power best suited for single rack systems. Provides timed sequence up and sequence down. Can be remote controlled with latching contact.

IC-1520 3 Sequence 20-amp AC power with self contained control circuit. Works alone or plug and play with other IC units. Local or remote activation with contact closure or IC5.

IC-2200 20-amp 2 sequence device for hard wired installation. Good for small systems requiring only 2 sequences. Also good for staging amplifiers on single circuit.

IC-PD1-4 Contains 4 sequenced 20-amp circuits which can be wired directly to a breaker panel. Plug and play with other IC devices.

ISO9001 Certified

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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